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Fill out this form for a fast quote on heavy-haul freight shipments. We deliver throughout Canada, as well as into/ from the Unites States, specializing in long heavy-haul & FTL (dedicated load) Freight. We ship anything up to 144,000lbs, and also offer LTL (less-than-truckload) Freight Solutions.

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Son Creek Transport - For over 24 years, Son Creek International has established itself as Canada's trusted name in heavy haul trucking, powering vital industries with unmatched precision and reliability. As a forefront leader in truck freight international and freight truck services, we seamlessly manage the intricacies of heavy hauler transportation. Our dedicated team, deeply familiar with the industry's unique demands, ensures efficient and safe transport of your freight. Son Creek's commitment to excellence makes us the go-to choice for businesses across Canada seeking precision in heavy haul trucking. Reach out today and experience why we stand as the top choice for truck freight international shipments, freight truck, heavy haul LTL/ FTL, hot shot freight, heavy hauler expertise, and heavy haul trucking needs.

Heavy Haul Specialty Load Flat Deck Freight

Leading Heavy-Haul Trucking Expertise in Canada

Welcome to Son Creek Transport – the benchmark for heavy haul trucking precision, reliability, and freight expertise across Canada's multifaceted industries.

For over two decades, Son Creek Transport has championed as the go-to choice for Canada's essential sectors. From navigating agricultural terrains, servicing bustling factories, mastering construction site demands, diving deep into mining operations, exploring the vast forestry expanses, to fine-tuning the dynamics of flatbed freight and international freight truck logistics – our promise is simple: your equipment and goods will arrive safely and precisely, every time.

Son Creek transport big Specialty load track boom

Truck Freight International: Expertise Beyond Borders

Son Creek Transport fields a vast and specialized fleet, designed to haul freight from a lightweight 3,000lbs to an imposing 144,000lbs. Our vast experience positions us to confront any heavy haul challenge head-on. More than just Canada’s trusted heavy hauler, we bridge international gaps with consistent cross-border transportation to and from the United States, ensuring your reach is as expansive as your ambitions. You can rely on us to handle your crossborder freight needs.

Exceptional Coordination in Heavy Haul Logistics

In an era demanding impeccable coordination, Son Creek Transport rises above. With a team skilled in freight truck logistics, we tackle intricate challenges with unmatched precision. Choosing Son Creek means partnering with a freight truck maestro that comprehends your industry's unique demands and is devoted to delivering unparalleled service at every juncture, whether you need FTL freight or LTL freight solutions, crossborder or throughout Canada. From Farming equipment to Cranes, mining rigs to logging machinery, municipal vehicles to Forklifts, call Taylor and the Son Creek team to ensure your load arrives safe and on time!

Son Creek Trucking Over Dimension Load Tank
International Freight Truck - Oversize Load

Two Decades of Heavy Haul Excellence

Each consignment at Son Creek Transport reflects our unwavering commitment to heavy haul trucking excellence. Grasping the nuances of your operations, the essence of time, and the sanctity of trust, our reputation in the heavy haul industry is cemented on integrity, professionalism, and unmatched service over 20 years.

From Farm to Factory, Forest to Mine: Son Creek is Canada’s Transportation Backbone! From FTL to LTL loads, we've got you covered!



"We have been working with Son Creek for several years and we have received nothing but exceptional service from the company. Son Creek has met many of our extreme demands in a very prompt and professional manner and has made it happen for us on all level of service. I would recommend Son Creek as a very dependable if not superb freight carrier..." 

Amy M.

"Son Creek is wonderful to work with. They have our heavy equipment shipments down to a seamless process. I trust Son Creek to work directly with our equipment manufacturers in scheduling pickups which is so much easier for me and my workload. They provide status updates, without being asked so there are no surprises. As an equipment manager for 5 locations, Son Creek makes the logistics an easy process, one that is truly appreciated. Kudos to Son Creek!"

Matt H.

"Son Creek International Transport have been working with Tank Connection for all of our Canadian based project shipping requirements for several years. Time and time again, they deliver perfect loads at a great price and always with world class customer service. Son Creek has truly removed all of our freight related challenges from the equation."

Whether it's heavy equipment like tractors, excavators, forklifts or aerospace components, our vast fleet of owner operators and contractors ensures nothing is beyond our grasp. From flat deck to step-deck shipments, and b-train to double-drop logistics, oversized-loads, tri-axle or quad-axle freight, our trucking solutions cater to every conceivable heavy haul need. Whether you're shipping freight in Canada or shipping freight to/ from the USA, choose Son Creek as your International Freight Truck and crossborder freight partner today!

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